The Solar Process

Blue Sky Electric office staff will schedule an on-site appointment with our expert field technician. As a licensed building inspector and engineer, the field tech examines your structure’s shading issues and discusses the removal or trimming of trees that may impact system efficiency. In addition, he’ll:

  • Consider roof age and condition
  • Determine whether the roof is structurally sound enough for solar panels—plus a snow load
  • Determine how the sun moves over the building roof

After concluding that your building is a good candidate for a roof-mounted solar system, Blue Sky Electric will obtain a qualifying letter signed by an architect. If you’re not looking for a roof-mount system—or your roof will not contain or bear the weight of solar panels—you may be a candidate for a ground-mount system, instead. Blue Sky Electric’s field tech can assess this when he’s on site, as well. While slightly more expensive, ground-mount systems are easier to maintain and install—and offer greater flexibility in positioning.

After determining the possible installation options, Blue Sky Electric team members contact your municipality to determine whether there are ordinances specific to solar installation. In some cases, we may need to split your solar system between the roof and the ground to satisfy the requirements of your HOA, community or municipality. In other cases, you may not be permitted to install any type of solar panels on your home or facility.

During the final phase of the estimate process, Blue Sky Electric’s field tech creates a formal proposal detailing placement recommendations and cost specifics. When it is complete, he schedules a time to share his findings and present your proposal. Should you choose to accept our solar installation proposal, Blue Sky Electric will order the appropriate photovoltaic panels and mounting materials, obtain installation drawings, file permits and install the system. We will also help you submit required paperwork for tax incentives and rebates.

At Blue Sky Electric, we insist upon total client satisfaction. After installing your solar power system, we remain available to answer questions, provide training and address future concerns or requests for system upgrades