How Solar Works?

The beauty of the sun is that it’s a clean, sustainable energy source that’s strong enough to meet all of the world’s power needs. Business and facility owners who consider “going solar” find that it’s a cost-effective, high-performance power option for equipment, lights, HVAC and water heating systems, whether in factories, warehouses, office buildings or multi-resident housing structures.Depending upon the type of system you select, the basic answer is that solar panels, composed of photovoltaic (PV) cells, convert sunshine into electricity. PV cells are composed of semiconducting materials like silicon. As the sun’s rays strike these PV cells, the resulting energy knocks electrons free—which creates an electric current. When metal contacts are placed at the top and bottom of each PV cell, the current can be siphoned off and used to supply external power on a small or large scale.

To learn more about the specifics of solar power, or to view detailed diagrams about the process, visit NASA’s website—or contact Blue Sky Electric to schedule your on-site commercial solar consultation today!