Electrical Services

Experienced in all facets of electrical design, construction, maintenance and service, the Blue Sky Electric team is 100% committed to the safe, successful outcome of your construction or service project. We guarantee your satisfaction, and deliver superior, client-focused service every day.

When you contact us to discuss your electrical service or installation needs you’ll be greeted by a qualified professional. Taking time to understand your needs, we’ll inquire about the size and scope of your project. For small jobs, we may be able to provide a rough pricing estimate over the phone. However, for larger projects, we’ll schedule a walkthrough—where we’ll take photos, examine your site, and put together a formal proposal for the work.

Rest assured, we never move forward on a project without your approval—and we are quick to communicate unforeseen changes in schedule or pricing, should they occur. It is our goal to provide you with a clear, accurate picture of the work and cost involved in your project, no matter what the scale.

Solar Services

Central Oregon residents and business owners interested in the sustainable benefits of solar energy have a number of decisions to make before making the leap to photovoltaic power. To simplify this process, Blue Sky Electric provides a no-obligation analysis and property evaluation to determine whether your home or facility is a candidate for solar power installation.

Unfortunately, not all buildings and sites are suited for solar systems. Factors may include:

  • Roof size, pitch and condition
  • Shade and vegetation obstruction
  • Municipal ordinances and HOA regulations
  • Property space (for ground-mount options)

When you initially contact us about your system, we’ll ask you to fax or email your last electric bill, along with utility records from the last year. Depending upon how much of your bill you’re hoping to cover with your new solar energy system, we’ll determine a rough estimate of system cost and installation requirements.

After discussing your motivation, objectives, budget and expectations at length, we determine how to proceed. Clients serious about moving forward with a new photovoltaic system can expect the following process.